Bisbee Realty

About the Town of Bisbee, Arizona

  • Bisbee, Arizona is a unique and special town - and a great place to visit or live.  Bisbee can claim a rich history - starting in the days of the Old West, when the town was at the center of the large scale mining operations throughout Cochise County. 
  • Today, this historic town of approximately 6,000 people remains an interesting and diverse community as it continues to offer a wide array of shops and galleries, excellent dining, and year round tourist activities.
  • Located in southeastern corner of Arizona, Bisbee is  just miles away from the U.S./Mexican border and serves an an excellent "hub" for day trips throughout the county and Mexican border towns.
  • Nestled in the Mule Mountains, Bisbee is a popular summer destination for city dwellers wanting a break from city heat and traffic congestion.
  • A first time visitor quickly learns that while it is one city, Bisbee is actually a group of connected communities - each with it own special character, history and charm.
  • And since getting to know each each section of this unusual mountain town can take a while, working with a Bisbee Realty agent is a great way to quickly identify the areas of town that will best suit your needs.  
  • Whether you are a short term visitor, long term renter, or potential home buyer, Bisbee Realty has an agent who knows the city and can help you find the property for which you are looking.